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iso_nailpolish's Journal

are you in search of a particular nail polish?

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are you in search of (iso) nail polish? Come join us!
Hi and welcome to iso_nailpolish!

All post will be members only, but membership is open, so all you have to do is click the join button on the profile page to be able to see all the posts and leave comments.

This community is devoted to iso (in search of) nail polish. No sales, just iso's and nothing other than nail polish. If there's a nail polish you're looking for that you can't get a hold of, post in this community and ask if anyone has it for sale, or maybe they would be willing to do a cp (custom purchase) for you.


All posts will be moderated in the beginning to insure that the rules are being followed.
01. Be nice and respectful.
02. Always use this posting form everytime you post. Do not edit the font colors, size or background colors on your posts.

03. Post ONLY nail polish ISO. Other makeup or anything else is not allowed and NO SALES!
04. Please use hypertext links when you link to sites. Here is how you make a link like that:

05. You can post 1 (one) entry a week (7 days) Do not delete previous entires or re-post them.

More rules might be added later, we'll see how it goes with the rules we have first. =)

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